The LNGG is involved in the Payment for Ecosystem services (PES) being implemented by CARE International In Kenya in the upper catchment of River Malewa, the Main tributary to lake Naivasha. The project involves small holder farmers implementing soil and water conservation on their farms thus reducing soil erosion and thus ensuring less turbid water flows in the rivers. This ultimately means less silt being carried into Lake Naivasha. The project has been going on since later 2009. The LNGG appreciates the role of the upper catchment farmers and contributes incentives for the farmers. So far the LNGG has contributed over 13,000 dollars toward this.

In  October 2009 the LNGG entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Municipal Council of Naivasha to support development projects in the Municipality.  LNGG members and four non members have so far contributed 56 million shillings toward various projects in the municipality ranging from rehabilitation of schools, roads projects and  waste management. Watch Video

The LNGG initiated the development of a Water Allocation Plan (WAP) for Lake Naivasha Basin by hiring consultants to study the water balance.


The WAP was later adopted By Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) who have further developed it and taken it through various stakeholder forums for review. The WAP is now gazetted to guide water use in the basin.