Our membership is open to all growers of all in the Naivasha Region.


Membership is open to any grower who abstracts water from the lake, its source rivers, or boreholes within the catchment area, regardless of their produce.  LNGG strives to keep its members informed and represented on the various issues that affect the agricultural community of Naivasha, at both a local, national, and international level.  This is achieved through collaborative work with various organisations, both private and governmental.

AS our membership is primarily horticultural, we have developed a strong collaborative relationship with the Kenya Flower Council. This collaboration allows us to provide our members with information and guidance on issues affecting the horticultural sector at the national and international levels.  The presence of this relationship also gives the farms in Naivasha a means of lobbying government and other groups where necessary.  We are also members of The National Taskforce on Horticulture, which is an initiative under KEPHIS aimed at improving the horticultural sector.

We have good relations with the District Commissioner’s Officer and the Water Resource Management Authority Sub-Regional Office.  With the latter, as well as via our membership in the Lake Naivasha Water Users Association (LANAWRUA), we are working on developing concrete plans for the management of the Lake Naivasha catchment through an LNGG-funded Water Allocation Plan and funds from our water use payments.

LNGG represents growers on the district environmental, development, and disaster management committees.  We also works closely with non-governmental organizations and researchers that conduct studies and projects in Naivasha as a means to better understanding the system and hence, managing it.  In particular, we have close ties with the WWF – East African Regional Programme and some of its partners working in Naivasha (WSUP and CARE-Kenya) and the Lake Naivasha Riparian Association (LNRA).  We have also assisted Dr. Robert Becht, ITC – The Netherlands and Dr. David Harper (Leader, University of Leicester’s Lakes, Wetlands and People of East Africa’s Rift Valley) on a number of their studies on the ecology, hydrology, and social aspects of the Naivasha Basin.

Overall, LNGG’s goal is to make the horticultural sector in Naivasha more than just the largest in Kenya, but also the sector that is the most environmentally and socially progressive so as to ensure the satisfaction of all local and international communities dealing with our members.

Growers who abstract water from the Lake, its source rivers, or boreholes are eligible and encouraged to join.  Membership is voluntary and open to farms of all scales and nature of products (from flowers to vegetables to dairy).  Currently, our membership is comprised primarily of floricultural producers mainly because Naivasha hosts the largest sector in Kenya, but we encourage farms of all types to join so that we become a more collective voice for growers in Lake Naivasha.


Membership and Subscription rate apply.

he LNGG is run by a committee elected from its membership and supported by a secretariat. The Committee gives direction and plays an oversight role on the secretariat


Committee members of the LNGG

Chairman                   Richard Fox , Finlays Horticulture Ltd


Treasurer                    Jeremy Roffey, Longonot Farm Ltd

Committee Members 

Billy Coulson, Nini Ltd

David Mousley, Ol’ Njorowa Ltd

Eddy Verbeek, Florensis Ltd

Hamish Ker, Oserian Development Company

Harry Milbank, Longonot Horticulture Ltd

Joost Zuubier, Bilashaka flowers Ltd

Peter Szapary, Wildfire Flowers Ltd